The Fright Attendant

Don’t let her sweet looks fool you, under that angel face is a vegetable loving, hairless cat owning, flight attending blogger! :gasp:  The horror!!

Le sigh… I am misleading my blog readers now.  She really is as sweet as she looks.  If you haven’t guessed, this is my roommate and Dr. Britney‘s other half, Rande.


Rande is the very talented chef over at the Vegetable Centric Kitchen.  Clicking on that link will bring you to lots of tasty recipes and you may even find a photo or two of that hairless cat I was talking about.


One thought on “The Fright Attendant

  1. Your not being nice.. you should post a picture of Dorian. He is just misunderstood!Great job on the pics Randy looks beautiful…lov u

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